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Lab News

January 2018 We welcome Kayla to the Munshi Lab
January 2018 We welcome Sharon to the Munshi Lab as a Green Fellow from UTD
December 2017 Our first DoD Discovery Award in collaboration with the Hon Lab
 July 2017 Congratulations to Sam on her AHA Pre-Doctoral Award
July 2017 The lab received an AHA Innovative Research Grant
July 2017 We got our first R01 Award
April 2017 Congratulations to Antonio on his Altrusa Leita Marsh Pharmacology Award
April 2017 Nik’s preview on AVN macrophages appeared in Cell
March 2017 Sam’s manuscript on Contactin2-Cre mice is published in PLoS ONE
March 2017 Nik co-authored a perspective on cardiac reprogramming in Circulation
March 2017 Antonio’s protocol paper on cardiac reprogramming is published in JOVE
September 2016 Nik’s perspective on CRISPR is published in Circulation
September 2016 The lab successfully obtained 2 R03 awards
March 2016 We welcome Sam to the Munshi Lab
September 2015 Congratulations to Antonio on his NSF award
January 2015 We published our manuscript on the role of MyoR in AV conduction in MCB
September 2014 Our study on cardiac reprogramming in collaboration with the Olson Lab is published in Development
July 2014 Nik co-authored a perspective in Science on biological pacemakers
October 2013 We welcome Antonio to the Munshi Lab
June 2013 We welcome Lin to the Munshi Lab
January 2013 The lab received an MOD Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Award
May 2012 Nik’s conduction system review is published in Circulation Research
February 2012 We welcome Minoti to the Munshi Lab
September 2011 The Munshi Lab officially opens for business